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December 1, 2006- Bruce Baugh, lead developer on Adventure!, says of Evil Hat Productions' Spirit of the Century RPG, "It is a beautiful little volume, well-written, entertainingly illustrated, and full of the fun." Order your copy from Indie Press Revolution or Lulu.

November 29, 2006- Thanks to fine artist and "Father of the Black Age of Comics" Turtel Onli for including Grafenveer #2 in his Holiday Giving Starts in the Black Age... entry of his blog

November 28, 2006- Completed cover artwork for The Erotics' upcoming CD and their limited edition 1st Annual Rat-A-Tat-Tattoo & Music Expo t-shirt.

November 10, 2006-

In their reviews of Evil Hat Productions' Spirit of the Century RPG on RPGnet Daniel C. Ansell comments, "...with solid art... The cover is especially cool-looking," and Christopher W. Richeson says, "Small pieces of art centered around signature characters from the product are very evocative and well done, adding to the already substantial pulp feel of SotC."

See the Spirit of the Century cover art.See the Spirit of the Century interior art. Order your copy of Spirit of the Century from Indie Press Revolution or Lulu.

November 5, 2006- Avi Weinryb from The Comic Book Bin says, "The art of St. Pierre fits the fantasy genre perfectly! ... the artist has a developed style of illustration that makes demons, swordsmen, and spider queens look fabulous," in his review of Grafenveer #2.

October 29, 2006- Appeared at The Comic Book Show, The Holiday Inn, Nashua, NH. Picked up Monkey in a Wagon vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel: Crisis With Infinite Critters from Chris Moreno, caught up with Greg Moutafis, and picked up some copies of Zombie Boy from neighbor Michael Mitchell. Photos coming soon.

October 22, 2006-

Appeared at the Syracuse Heroes Expo, Holiday Inn Convention Center, Liverpool, NY. Debuted Christian N, St. Pierre: Sketchbook vol. 1 at this brand new convention. Thanks to Caffeinated Lifestyle for the Pringles and hot sauce, B. Robert Bell for Cobalt Warrior Angel #0, and Rens for not really eating the crow. Photos coming soon.

Michael Stewart from The Comic Book Bin reviews
Grafenveer #1.

September 9, 2006- ACTOR Comics Presents vol. 1, a 152-page anthology benefiting comic creators in need, debuted at the Baltimore Comic-Con. My pin-up entitled "The King Is Down," featuring Ra Nimbulo and King Grafenveer of the Grafenveer series, can be found on page 147. Learn more about The Hero Initiative (formerly ACTOR) at their website. Please visit Dynamic Forces to purchase your copy of ACTOR Comics Presents vol. 1 and support this worthy cause.

September 2, 2006-

"I've been waiting a long time for a game that scratches my pulp itch. And this ... it's got a **** gorilla flying a **** biplane. Damn, that's pulpy! If this were a carton of orange juice, it'd be solid pulp. How can I resist?"-dumnbunny

Evil Hat Productions' Spirit of the Century now available for pre-order from Indie Press Revolution. See the Spirit of the Century cover art.See the Spirit of the Century interior art.

September 1-3, 2006- Appeared at Fan Expo Canada: Canadian National Comic Book Expo, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Kiss Me Comix, Loo Bot, the Kociuba brothers, Jim Su, and Kilrush Studios have all released more terrific new books and prints since we saw them last year. Thanks to neighbors Stortz & Associates, Inc. and the Previews crew for the company and entertainment.

August 28, 2006- Grafenveer #3 artwork is complete. See a sneak preview of the first five pages of Grafenveer #3 here. See a preview of the Grafenveer #3 cover here.

August 19, 2006- Artwork for Evil Hat Productions' highly-anticipated roleplaying game Spirit of the Century is complete. Spirit of the Century will soon be available for preordering, in both hard ($50) and soft cover ($30) form. Those who preorder will get immediate access to the PDF at no additional charge. See the Spirit of the Century cover art.See the Spirit of the Century interior art.

August 9, 2006- Rich Watson says, "Art is quite good, especially with the architecture and costuming," in his review of the Grafenveer #1 graphic novel in his latest Chicks and Romance column.

August 8, 2006- Stefan Haas, Alex Haas, Robert Weiman, and Ron Miller of Indy Comic Review each give Grafenveer #2 "4 out of 5 stars.".

August 3-6, 2006- Appeared at Wizard World Chicago, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL. Shared books, ideas, and stories with fellow HeroTalk members Joe R. Currie, Derrell Spicy, Aminah Armour, Leconte Tucker, Jeremy Travis, Derwin Alexander, Whitney Barber, and Stanley Weaver at the Strictly Underground table, X-Moor's Robert Garrett and Eric Diaz, and Bart A. Thompson of Approbation Comics. "Father of the Black Age" Turtel Onli provided inspiration and information. For more Wizard World Chicago comments and photos visit this "Chicago Wiz World Jump Off!!!!!!" thread on the HeroTalk Forum. Click here for my photos.

July 28, 2006-

Stefan Haas, Alex Haas, Robert Weiman, and Ron Miller of Indy Comic Review each give Grafenveer #1 "3 out of 5 stars." Read their reviews here. Watch for their review of Grafenveer #2 within the next two weeks.

June 30-July 2, 2006- Appeared at Heroes Convention, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC. Special thanks to Greg Moutafis of Preemo Comics for sharing convention stories, advice, and support. Compared artist alley notes with neighbors Pao Xiong and John Etienne. Thanks to Terence Sykes and Derrick Eason of Water-Horse Entertainment, and Shane Robinson for their latest comics. Was honored to contribute a marker drawing to the HeroesCon annual Art Auction, which brought in $100 for the cause. Click here for photos.

June 17-30, 2006- Framed print of the Grafenveer #2 cover on view at the 41st Annual Fence Show at The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Main Gallery, Troy, NY.

June 2-4, 2006- Appeared at Wizard World Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA. Was busy at the table sketching and meeting new Graf fans, but managed to get away long enough to see the latest offerings from Geek Boy Press, Buddy Scalera, Kensuke Okabayashi, and Summ Publications. Thanks to Yumy Odom and Maurice Waters from ECBACC for stopping by. Special thanks to Mel and Paul for their interest in The Dresden Files RPG artwork. Click here for photos.

May 28, 2006- reviews Grafenveer #1 and #2 by Chad Boudreau.

May 19-20, 2006- Appeared at The 5th Annual East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC), Temple University, Philadelphia, PA supporting Grafenveer. Grafenveer #2 had its official launch at Saturday's convention. Thanks to Turtel Onli, Prof. William H. Foster III, Yumy Odom, Maurice Waters, Omar Bilal, John Jennings, Eric Battle, Andrew Willis, Wil Barron, Rich Watson, Tony Isabella, Trevor von Eeden, Paris Cullins, Joseph R. Wheeler III, Masheka Wood, and the ECBACC volunteers and staff. ECBACC 2006 was my most successful appearance so far- not just in sales, but in meeting comics fans, making new friends, and connecting with old ones. Visit this HeroTalk v2 forum post for photos and reflections on ECBACC 2006 as well as Rich Watson's blog and slideshow. Click here for photos.

April 21-23, 2006-

Appeared at the Pittsburgh Comicon, Monroeville, PA supporting Grafenveer. Had great neighbors in Kensuke Okabayashi and Scott Ethan Ambruson.

April 9, 2006- Appeared at The Comic Book Show, The Holiday Inn, Nashua, NH supporting Grafenveer. Spent some time catching up with T.J. May of SUMM Publications and picked up a copy of their latest title Catching Lucifer's Lunch. Thanks to all the fans who had nice comments about the finished artwork from Grafenveer #2 (shipping in May) and the pencils from Grafenveer #3.

April 5, 2006- Thanks to Steven Grant for including Grafenveer in the April 5 edition of Permanent Damage in Comic Book Resources.

March 23, 2006- Grafenveer is highlighted in Sneak Peeks column. Similar articles can also be found at Buzzscope, Digital Webbing, and The Comic Book Bin.

March 2, 2006- Thanks to Damon from Fantasy Book Spot for stopping by to check out Grafenveer at the New York Comic-Con and for the nice comments in his New York Comic Con 06 Review : Part Two.

February 24-26, 2006- Appeared at the New York Comic-Con, Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY supporting Grafenveer. Grafenveer #1 sold out! Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on the book and my artwork. Click here for photos.

January 31, 2006- Grafenveer's hero Ra Nimbulo appears in The Museum of Black Superheroes' Superhero Exhibits section (click on the Various Publishers link, scroll down, then click on the Ra Nimbulo link).

January 21, 2006- Grafenveer available to order at the counter of all Borders and Waldenbooks locations throughout the United States. Read the details from Buzzscope here.

January 10, 2006-

Recent praise for the Grafenveer series:
"Christian St. Pierre is a real rising star illustrator. His dark vision and creativity is reminiscent of early Berni Wrightson. Keep an eye on this guy because he's drawing stuff that will scare the crap out of you."
Buddy Scalera
After Hours Press

“ I really enjoy reading this story! With Grafenveer’s three dimensional characters, stark artwork, and stirring dialog, I can hardly wait until the next issue to see where it all takes me!”
Prof. William H. Foster III
Comic Book Historian

I would like to thank both Buddy and Prof. Foster for their continued support and encouragement.

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